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  在wellness健康中国上市发布会上,WellPet亚太区董事总经理马丁·巴尔(Martin Bahr)和WellPet亚洲市场行销总监谢露露(Lulu Cheah)接受了包括狗民网在内的媒体专访,以下为采访实录:

  Q: Why does WellPet produce only natural pet food?


  Many of us who work for the company are pet parents: we see them as part of the family, bringing joy and unconditional love. They deserve a diet of the highest quality. Pet health is our strongest priority, and we believe that natural foods are the best way to achieve that.


  Q: What are natural pet foods, and why are they better for health?


  Natural pet foods are defined by what’s not included: no grain by-products, fillers, meat by-products, added chemical preservatives, or artificial flavourings or colourings.


  Natural foods focus on good nutrition, which is the foundation for healthy living. That means getting the right amount of nutrients in the right combinations. This can help to reduce the incidence of specific problems, from urinary tract infections in cats, to obesity in dogs, as well as helping to make sure pets feel happy and well.


  Q: What makes Wellness products stand out?


  The Wellness difference is about simplicity. We use a small number of pure, authentic ingredients, from natural sources, and believe this is the way to make superior food for animals.


  There’s high quality meat meal, whole fruits and vegetables, plus super-nutrients like antioxidants, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for optimum cellular function and healthy skin. There are also essential vitamins and minerals to help with cellular health, immunity and disease resistance. After cooking, we add guaranteed levels of live probiotics for a healthy intestinal tract and good digestive health.


  For 16 consecutive years, Wellness has been recommended by Whole Dog Journal (WDJ), an independent magazine that accepts no supplier advertisements and is widely considered to be the North America’s most prestigious pet magazine. Very few pet-food brands can claim such an endorsement, so it’s something we’re very proud of.


  Q: What kind of differences might consumers notice in their pets?


  It’s hard to make generalisations about this as every pet is different. But the old saying, ‘You are what you eat’, holds true. Owners tell us that after giving their pets our foods, their pets’ digestive systems are healthier, which is obvious from the stool quality. Some pet parents see the coat of their pets becoming softer and shinier. Energy levels can also be boosted – pets can become healthier, happier and have more vitality.


  Q: Why are pet owners in the USA and EU embracing natural pet food?


  Every developed country encounters the same issue of overly processed food and use of genetically modified ingredients. Consumers start to question what goes into the food they eat. Soon, pet parents start asking the same questions for pet food because we think of pets as beloved family members. In addition, a succession of product recalls in the US over the past few years has seen consumers becoming more aware of varying product quality.


  Q: What type of sourcing and production standards does Wellness adhere to?


  Products made in China are not necessarily subjected to the same set of quality and safety standards as American products like Wellness.


  When it comes to sourcing, each ingredient undergoes a rigorous selection process in which the quality, safety and nutritional value is carefully reviewed. We mandate all our suppliers to be in the FDA Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) programme. We also use outside auditing of the quality of our ingredients and manufacturing. Every ingredient has to have a functional role in the product and be providing benefit to the pet – otherwise it has no place in a Wellness recipe.


  We abide by the strict regulations of the USA’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in manufacturing. We also follow nutritional standards established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).


  Our imported Wellness Chicken products are made in Belgium, so we also follow Europe’s EU regulations and the standards of the European Pet Food Industry Association (FEDIAF). The chicken we use is hormone-free and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP+) certified.


  In addition, we have our own internal system, All Ways Well, which is our promise to pet parents that we will apply the highest quality standards, conscious ingredient sourcing and support pets in need throughout the community.


  Q: Why did WellPet choose to enter the China market?


  Chinese people have always loved cats and dogs. Increasing affluence means now more people can afford to be pet parents and invest in premium, natural foods. The one-child policy also means that young people want to expand their families in different ways. The high population (4.3 times that of the USA) mean that there’s a huge potential market: we estimate that the market size is more than US0MM now and will continue to grow quickly.


  Q: What can consumers look forward to in the future?


  We’re hoping to launch even more natural products that will make dogs and cats healthier and happier. In the US, our Wellness range has wet and dry recipes, treats, and even recipes for animals with food sensitivities, so there is lots of potential. We also want to continue to discover more about our customers here in China – understanding what they are looking for and bringing them products that exceed their expectations.



  1. Wellness宠物健康是在比利时生产的,而并非在美国生产的,比利时与中国拥有悠久的良好贸易史;

  2. 我们在中国的策略性合作伙伴源富(中国)有限公司具有丰富的行业经验,非常了解中国政府的法律法规,所以我们能第一时间采取行动积极应对;

  3. WellPet在全球都有潜力合作的生产制造商作为后备供选;

  4. 源富(中国)有限公司也将会在渠道上备齐充足库存,所以即使遇到任何问题,也有充足的时间应对解决,而绝对不会造成断货缺货。